Branded Fuels

We offer reliable and competitive branded fuel supply to a variety of privately owned gas stations in Northern California. Our staff has over 75 years in the retail sector of the petroleum industry giving you unparalled experieince and expertise in retail site development, operations and management. Our brands include 76, Valero, Beacon, Chevron and our own Rino brand. We can help your business find success by identfying the best possible brand for your retail site and guide you through the entire branding process.   

  • 76 Brand

    P66 LOGO     76 Logo

    In the United States, Phillips 66 markets gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel. Most marketing outlets are owned and operated by independent dealers and wholesale marketers. The majority of these outlets are branded with Phillips 66®, Conoco® or 76® and feature gasolines that have been recognized as TOP TIER™ by leading automakers. These operations are strategically served by the company's refineries and transportation systems.

    In its wholesale operations, Phillips 66 utilizes a network of branded marketers and dealers operating approximately 7,100 outlets. Refined products are sold on both a branded and unbranded basis. The company emphasizes the wholesale channel of trade; however, we also hold brand licensing agreements with approximately 500 other sites. In addition to automotive gasoline and diesel fuel, the company produces aviation fuels and markets them through independent marketers and dealers at approximately 900 Phillips 66® aviation-branded fixed-base operations, the largest branded network in the U.S. general aviation industry.

  • Valero Brand

    Valero Logo

    Branded Dealers 

    The strength of the Valero brand combined with unparalleled support and service make it easy for you to decide on Valero as your brand of choice.   As America’s largest refiner and fastest-growing gasoline brand, Valero has gained national prominence coast-to-coast. To support this growth, Valero promotes the brand through multiple strategies that reach key gasoline consumers.

    Creating and Supporting a Strong Brand

    Valero’s branded campaign focuses on national television networks, sports sponsorships, and regional and local advertising – all positioning Valero as an American brand that is "Keeping America Moving."

    Benefits of the Valero Brand

    ♦  Fresh new high-qualitybrand image
    ♦  Part of a growing national network of stores
    ♦  Brand conversion paid by Valero for qualifying sites
    ♦  Secure supply of quality fuels and competitive pricing
    ♦  Participation in Valero’s POS Purchase Program
    ♦  Choice of Valero’s Satellite or V-Link Network Connectivity systems
    ♦  Participation in Valero’s Commercial and Fleet Services programs
    ♦  Value-added programs