Retail Locations






Rinehart Oil Inc has a long history of owning and operating Branded and Unbranded service stations in Northern California.  The company has operated as many as 20 retail service station sites, automotive repair facilities and convenience stores over its 54 year history.  In 2002 Rinehart Oil Inc decided to divest of most of its retail assets.   We retained one site in the City of Fort Bragg and continue to operate a branded retail service station with a convenience store at that location.  In conjunction with this retail location, we have embarked on the development of a Quick Serve Restaurant on the same property. 

Rinehart Oil Inc still considers the retail operation a valuable asset and draws an incredible amount of operating knowledge from that business to help the wholesale customers with a practical approach to operating their retail locations.         


Fort Bragg Red Rino Express Station

FB Red Rino Map